How to improve your life with active listening

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Active listening will reward you with more meaningful relationships –

and that has a massive feel good factor!


















3-in-1: Active  elements: listening | communicating | relating 

for a life in bloom at all ages and backgrounds

How active listening helps to improve relationships (consistently) in a very short time.

Before that, have you ever:
  • Listened to someone while miles away with your thoughts
    and found it difficult to get back into the conversation?
  • Misunderstood what has been said and rushed to a conclusion
    that led to frustration, anger or occasional tears?
  • Spent more time looking at your electronic devices
    and made far less eye contact with the person next to you?
Please read the small print: if you answered yes to any of the questions above you are in the right place!
No sales involved. Promise.

Now, here is a very simple tip leading to much appreciation:

  • Think about something you really like about a person close to you.

  • Put it into words (3-5 max). Say it by making a gentle eye contact.

  • Then watch for a sparkle that wasn’t there before. 



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