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The Power Of Active Listening

Active Listening The Key Transform (Your) Relationships

I help adults (like you) to improve their relationship with their  parents 

Active listening skills help you re-connect with your ageing parents

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them."

Dr. Ralph Nichols "The Father of the Field of Listening”

But not all parents are good at effective listening.

Based on the assumption 'I know you' 'it's you who needs to listen to me' children go unheard.

Childhood conditioning often dictates the way we feel (good or bad) about ourselves, communicate and relate to our parents and others people.

Now that you are an adult you ask why it’s still going on?

The bad news is you can’t count on your parents to change (unless they want to).

But the good news is, you can change the way your parents make you feel.

Effective listening is the key to open hearts!

Good listening is the key to open hearts

Some facts:

  •  difficult relationships are draining (and bad for our own health)
  • life is unpredictable (it doesn’t matter how old we are)
  • we can’t divorce our parents (we can live far away and not talk but not divorce!)

What to do instead:

  • think about what you really want (and prepare for it)
  • sort things out once and for all (then get along with one another)
  • get on with your life (and make the most of the opportunities around you)

That’s why it’s the right time to start effectively listening to your parents

Now let me define active listening by saying what it's not:

  • 'Listening' to our loved ones on auto-pilot when we are too busy
  • Nodding but without really listening to what has been said
  • Jumping in the conversation and taking away the person's space to talk

The 3 things I truly believe on


That there are tons of things we can’t control in our lives

(be ready to go for the things you can control)


That we can’t have everything and we don’t need to

(what matters is what you really want)


That saying 'no' is an option

(you don’t want to live a life full of regrets – so no more excuses!)

All I want for you is to feel free from your emotional burden. 

To truly find the balance you want in your life.

Then be able to deal with the unexpected things in your life from a stronger position. 

Find your balance in life by listening differently

About my work with families

I have a background in social sciences and training in coaching and counselling.

That led me to work in a several sectors including in a rehabilitation hospital for almost 10 years and more recently with executives wanting to sort out their relationship with their children.

In my work and life experience I realised that, painful unresolved family issues prevent people from having strong bonds to support one another when the worse happened.

For families with buried resentment and frustration it was even harder to cope.

Fast forward, and this is where active listening skills come in as they are the key to flowing communication and strong relationships.

What my clients said 

I've worked with Sonia when I thought it was too late to make up with my father. Together we found simple ways to deal with complex issues that benefited my mother as well.

Paul (43)

Sonia's approach is brilliant. She really cares and helps you find practical solutions for the issue you are facing. Working with her I have become a better person inside while more aware of the effects of my communication on others .

Felix (27)

I would like as many people as possible benefit from all I’ve learnt.

So I want you to make the most of your relationship with your parents

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Why and why now | What is possible | How you can go about it

About the Author

Sonia Lapaire

My name is Sonia Lapaire.  I am an expert in human behaviour with a background in political and social sciences and training in coaching and counselling.  I help adults (like you) to sort out their relationship with their ageing parents.  Just in time to shake things up and move on.  For you to be ready for the next family gathering - tension free - without letting yourself down again.

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