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There are 3-in-1 powerful elements leading to good interaction:

Active: listening | communication | relationships

Whatever way we look at it interaction revolves around listening, communicating and connecting, yet it turns out to be not so easy to tune those elements in a way that brings harmony to our lives.

What is the problem?

We are making the most of our virtual interactions and that is awesome but real interaction is an important feature of our lives .   is on the increase and real interaction on the the decrease.

Real Interaction vs. Virtual Interaction

Depending on the level of the bar we set to ourselves there were times we regret not to have done something, or to have done it, or to have frequently used words that ended up hurting someone we care about.

Of course, we can excuse ourselves or apologise to someone but some of our regrets keep coming back to our minds. The thing is, there is only one way, and that way is forward.

A good way of putting ourselves together is to say sorry and really listen attentively to our thoughts and to the thoughts of other people as well.

Then as you go along with your daily lives you will feel lighter and happier because you have learnt to listen to yours and to other people hearts.