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How to improve your life with active listening and win hearts

I use active listening to help adult children to renew their relationship with their parents

I've created a fast track approach to improve your relationships without  therapy or the participation of the other person.

It’s simple, fast and easy to implement on a daily basis and with the power to win hearts!

Then you are free to conquer the world out there with renewed confidence in yourself.

What is active listening?

It's when you listen with your undivided attention and paying attention to the words and emotions attached to them. 

​Who am I?

My name is Sonia, and there are two things that puzzle me: the waste of finite natural resources and the waste of endless human talent and potential.

I am an expert in human behaviour with a background in political and social sciences and training in coaching and counselling.


In my 30 years of work and life experience I realised that, painful personal issues are the biggest energy drainer in our lives.  A massive waste of emotional energy.

In turn emotional burdens hide away our talents and our ability to see all the opportunities around us.

The good thing in all that is, it’s never too late to sort things out and follow your dreams.

​One step at a time for a fast run...

I use very simple steps to reduce misunderstanding and resentment

and increase the flow of communication and meaningful relationships.

​​It’s not about digging out the pain in your past, or using a talking therapy, or needing to involved the person you are having an issue with.

​It's very much about freeing yourself to live your life to the full. Something that a difficult relationship tend to hold us back.

​How to listen differently...

All you need to do is to learn again how to listen with the curiosity of a child (the exact opposite of the intrusive adults that we sometimes are!)

​This will make a person close to you feel special again and so do you.

Let’s first see if we agree on the facts:

1 – You can’t really choose your parents, normally.

2 – You can’t change anyone. Only yourself if you want to!

3 – You have control over the outcomes in your life as an adult that you didn't as a child.

​Reloading relationships: by re-framing them

A few years ago my score was pretty low and that was painful for all of us.

Thanks to trial and error I now score high in the family feel good relationship factors. That makes me feel even younger and cooler than ever before!

I came across a listening strategy that really works in reducing the miscommunication and increasing meaningful interactions.

​The shortcut to meaningful interaction

The active listening technique is widely used in talking therapies and by consultants in the business sector.

But no one has covered this technique really well when it apply to us parents or adult children on a normal daily interaction. For this reason, I’ve decided to write a post about it.

 Better listening & less small talk

My blog posts are for you if you are a baby boomer or a millennial, i.e., you were aged between 25-34 in 1989 or in 2013, and would like to improve your relationship with a loved one.

  • If you've ever struggled to relate stress free with a loved one, this post is for you.
  • If you know about the importance of listening but is not familiar with the concept of active listening, this post is for you.
  • If you never heard how active listening can do wonders to your life, then this post is definitely for you.

Learn how to listen to others and to yourself to save your emotional energy to deal with things that are beyond your control.

This will help you to free yourself from painful memories, which in turn will give you all the energy you need to live a fulfilled life with fewer regrets. 

Really wishing you all the best,

Sonia ​

BB Spring |

Beautiful Blooming Spring

for blossoming adult children and parents relationships

Spring all year round

Spring all year round with a listening heart

Now let’s try a little quiz:

On a scale of 1 – 10 how well do you get along with your parents or grown up children?

If you scored 4 - 6 you may have found coping strategies to get along when possible.

If you score 7 or above you are fine.

So the 7 plus don’t need to read my blog post.  But before you go let me congratulate you but remind you: don’t take such a good relationship for granted. 

​Continue to nurture it, without forgetting to have time for yourself as well. 

Now on the other hand, if like me you scored low in your interaction with your loved ones continue to read...

BB Spring focuses on the

3-in-1 powerful Active elements for a life in bloom:

Listening | Communicating | Relating |

The combined elements activating interactions between adult children and their parents.

The Active Transformation Blueprint approach

  • get rid of resentment
  • forgive yourself and others
  • focus on what you can control
  • have fulfilled interactions

How to listen to your own thoughts

Some words from a client of mine: 

“I’ve worked with Sonia when I thought it was too late to make up with my father.

Together we found simple ways to deal with complex issues and that was rewarding for my mother as well.” - Paul, 43 

"Sonia's approach is really brilliant. She really cares and helps you find practical solutions for the issue you are facing.

Working with her I have become a better person inside while more aware of the effects of my communication on others."- Felix, 26

Good listeners make a real difference.

Available listeners make good friends.

Discover how you can be both:

​No thanks. I would rather cope than learn how to improve.