Mini e.Course 

 How To Transform Your Life With Active Listening

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Have A Great Relationship With Your Ageing Parents

Frustrating, isn't it?

  •  Wanting to be at peace when silly things lead to another argument.
  • When tension with your parents also affect other areas of your life.
  • What are you going to do when your parents start needing you more?

Discover with this mini e.course what active listening is all about.

Then you can start listening in a way that will also transform other relationships in your life. 

Active listening has the power to transform relationships

The 4 reasons why this course will do you good 


The first benefit of following this course

You will have a better two-way interaction with your parents. This is because by listening to them in a different way they will also respond differently to what you are trying to communicate to them. 


The second is the power of active listening

By listening differently the burden of guilt and frustration with one another will fade away over time.  This is because you would be focusing on what is ahead and not what is behind in relation to painful events. 


Another reason why this course will do you good

The third reason is that this mini-course gives you simple hints on how to listen differently and have a nice flow of communication with other people as well. This in turn will also transform other areas of your life. 


Why this course offers you a different option of what is out there

Most of us have learnt coping strategies to improve challenging relationships, but at times, this can be very tiring and draining.  So the idea is to first improve but then transform your relationship with your parents. With active listening you can do that without duelling (too much!) into the past and get on with your own life. 

What is included in this mini-course

You'll have access to 4 short modules leading to actionable steps that you can take at your own pace.

With every module you'll get extra information related to active listening (video, PDF summaries, exercises...) 

You'll get immediate access to the entire course so you can start to listen differently straight away!