Welcome to the active listening course

It's good to have you here. I hope you are going to make the most of it!

How active listening can transform your relationship with your parents

Module 1: What is active listening 

Duration:  3.48m

You'll listen to the tale of an evening at home (alone).

See if you can relate to it.

Module 3: Emotional Blackmail

Duration:  2.58m

A case study (son and father) and how to find a way to diffuse the tension.  

Module 2: What 4 successful listeners say about good listening 

Duration:  0.43s

Just read to find out who they are.

With tips on how do they listen.

Module 4: learn more about active listening (in practice!)

Duration: 1.40m

What it's the Active Transformation Blueprint?

Here is a little bonus for you on:

 How NOT to listen! 

We all have done it but sometimes it's good to remind ourselves of the things we are not supposed to do!

But, in a way to make you feel better, when you read it also remember the times you have really been cool!​