What Is Active Listening?

The Tale of a Listening Evening

How do you listen when you are home alone?

Module 1 - What is active listening

Active listening is when you listen with an open heart and mind

In practice it means that you:

  • give your undivided attention when listening to someone
  • listen with empathy and without judging or making assumptions
  • ask for clarification to make sure you understood what has been said
  • don't need to agree or give advise - just listen

What is the problem with our listening?

We take our listening abilities for granted.

We haven’t learnt to listen to others and ourselves in meaningful ways.

We most likely have been listening too much to criticisms and to our own critical inner voice.

What is the solution?

Start by listening to yourself first. Think about what you really want?

How do you want your relationship with your parents to be?

The reality is:

Too many things in life are way beyond our control.

But we can learn how to respond to what life throws at us and make the most of the things that are in our control.

Would you agree that the fewer regrets we have the more fulfilled our lives are?

In the next module let's read about what 4 famous people say about good listening...