Sonia Lapaire

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Transformational Coach | thrilled by people’s potential

The happiest late bloomer in town | ‘it’s never too late to go for our dreams’

Mother | of two fabulous ladies

Grandmother | of three gorgeous children

Speaker | of four languages


Everything I’ve learnt over the past 30 years, by working with people wanting to improve their relationships, can be summarised in a few words: they all wanted to be loved, heard, understood.

Yet, no one said that was easy. I was a child with a huge emotional deficit which took its toll when I became a mother.

So much love to give to my daughters but with so much internal struggle to deal with. The good thing was, I never gave up and kept on trying to do better the next time.

Since I’ve started figuring out the psychology behind human suffering and evaluating the phenomenal waste of human potential, I am driven to make sure no talent and opportunities are wasted.

When active listening became part of her professional life

I first studied political and social sciences as a mature student. I learnt how to mediate in conflict resolutions and how to bring stakeholders at the negotiation table.

My next steps were to train in counselling, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and coaching to better understand human emotions and relations.

I have extensive experience in interacting with people who needed emotional and practical support after they lost a limb.

By working with patients in a rehabilitation hospital I was in contact with parents from new-borns to teens, adults, and older people and their relatives.

My experience taught her the importance of open channels of communication and about the impact of active listening in relationships when things get tough.

Sonia likes to define active listening by saying what it’s not:

      –  Listening to our loved ones on out pilot when we are too busy.

      –  Nodding but without really listening to what has been said.

      – Jumping in and taking away the person’s space to talk.


In other words, it’s failing to listen when we are too busy or overwhelmed. A time when a few minutes of our undivided attention would do wonders to our relationships.

Like many other skills, active listening involves practice with the hints that I am ready to share with you, with the firm belief that anyone can achieve whatever they put their heart and mind into.