The power of transformation


The Power Of Active Listening

Ever wished you had less conflict with your parents?

Read on to Learn How To Renew Your Relationship With Your Ageing Parents 

The way your parents interact with you are not getting any better.

  • True, comparing to your childhood and teenage years, it doesn’t look that bad.
  • But (lots) of parents think they know their children so well that they really don’t take the time to listen.

You are not alone.

It's just time to shake things up and start listening to your ageing parents instead!

  • Why and why now
  • What is possible this time
  • How can you go about it

I'm an expert in human behaviour with a background in social sciences and training in coaching and counselling.  What I'm sharing with you is based on over 10 years of  experience in working 1-1 with patients and their relatives and with executives.

What my clients said 

I've worked with Sonia when I thought it was too late to make up with my father. Together we found simple ways to deal with complex issues that benefited my mother as well.

Paul (43)

Sonia's approach is brilliant. She really cares and helps you find practical solutions for the issue you are facing. Working with her I have become a better person inside while more aware of the effects of my communication on others.

Felix (27) 

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You have nothing to lose by giving it a go.  But lots to gain on how you could go about having a more satisfying relation with your parents.

Sonia Lapaire

My name is Sonia Lapaire.  I help adults (like you) to sort out their relationship with their ageing parents. Just in time to shake things up and move on. For you to be ready for the next family gathering - tension free - without letting yourself down again.